VIEW: Evergreen Cemetery – Everett, WA

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I know, I know, it is a bit cliche to be discussing a cemetery around Halloween. But, I will have you know, I am not including it for its spooky nature (cemeteries do creep me out more than a little. Instead, I am featuring Evergreen Cemetery for its beautiful scenery and rich history. It is home to over 50,000 plots, with many dating back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, to a time when Everett and Snohomish County was just getting its start.

Throughout the cemetery you will find the resting places of founding families, individuals who played integral and interesting roles in Everett’s history, victims of the Everett Massacre and Wellington Avalanche, civil war veterans, and many more who are worth taking the time to learn about. You are probably thinking I’m crazy, that it would be impossible to learn about 50,000 people.

Well, in response, you don’t have to learn about all of them, and getting information about the who and where isn’t all that hard. Lucky for you, and me, the Everett Public library not only has an audio tour for 52 of plots with historical significance 

in our area and beyond, but a map that shows you where each one is located. I took the time to listen to the whole tour (68 minutes) and scope out plots I wanted to see before heading out to the cemetery for photos.

I have never visited the Evergreen Cemetery before, but like many of you, I’ve seen it form the nearby roads and overpasses. After visiting, I truly wished I’d taken the time before. The grounds are beautiful (especially during the Fall), made more so by the older headstones, monuments, memorials, and mausoleums found throughout a large portion of it. I’m already planning a return trip just to park, walk around, and take more photos.

I would highly recommend doing so yourself, especially after, or while, listening to the audio tour. It is an experience that I think young and old would enjoy. But, in case you aren’t up for it, or are creeped out by cemeteries to, here are photos and info about some of the plots we visited while there.

Get the audio tour and map HERE

Lych Gate – Marks the original entrance to the cemetery. Has been rebuilt.

Resting place of Wellington Avalalanche vicitm.

Resting place of several victims of the Wellington Avalanche.

GAR Monument – Stands at the head of the Grand Army of the Republic (represented civil war veterans) burial plot. 150 Civil War veterans are buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Alice & Clara Rigsby – Early women business owners in Everett. Owned photography studio, and responsible for many photos of the early years of Everett and Evergreen Cemetery.

Charles Hove – Architect of the original Hotel Monte Cristo (location now houses Providence Hospital – Pacific Ave). 500 bricks from old hotel used in foundation of historic Monte Cristo Hotel on Wall St.

McChesney Mausoleum – Responsible for rebuilding Everett after it’s economic downturn in the late 1800’s. Helped turn the city into a mill town. Also, creator of Everett Theater Co. The Historic Everett still stands on Colby Ave today. 

Joseph Irving Sr – Manager of original Hotel Monte Cristo. Active in local political and economic life. Illegally brought in voters from Ballard to vote to make Everett the county seat in place of Snohomish.

Thornton Sullivan – WWI veteran that returned as war hero and became very active in the development and memorials of Evergreen Cemetery as well as the cities parks.

This one just looks cool and gave me serious Halloween vibes!

 Joe King – Well known bar owner whose establishment featured not only beer and spirits, but curiosities as well, which included a stuffed whale appendage he kept behind the bar and used to deal with unruly patrons.

Rucker Mausoleum – 30 foot granite pyramid erected by the Rucker brothers for mother/family. The brothers were an important part of the history and founding of the city.

Captain Beecham – Officer in Civil War. Fought at Gettysburg and wrote a book about it.

Another random one and view that caught my eye!

Jefferson Beard – Victim of Everett Massacre of 1916. Respected lawman for the City of Everett/County. Controversy exists as to whether he was victim of friendly or enemy fire.

Toilet  left over from a Water Closet of the Dead, a bathroom for those visiting.

 Random inclusion. I felt bad that Ms/Mrs. Christensen’s tombstone was apparently uprooted by a tree. I feel equally bad for the two behind the rather large tree that are not only facing it, but appear to be resting somewhat under the roots as well.

Live the PNW Life is supported by you, our amazing explorer members, and our sponsors Perfectly Knotty of Arlington, Rustic Redemption of Granite Falls, and Farm Fresh Northwest delivery of Stanwood .


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